the healing power of Garlic

Growing Garlic is our main business and we are very aware that garlic is a healing addition to the human body. Most people would like to add more flavor in their favorite dishes by adding slices or little pieces of garlic. Even though people like to use this product as a flavor booster, it can also be used to boost the activity of your body. Dakota Garlic would like to provide you a little bit more information about the healing power of Garlic!

Healthy Cholesterol level

Inflammation in your body can cause a lot of pain and swollen areas in the body. They can also cause a high level of cholesterol, which can mass your veins. Eating raw garlic can reduce a high cholesterol and even prevent it! A reminder is to not cook or bake the garlic first, since the working substance is only present in a raw version. Some people don’t like to eat garlic raw, since it has a very strong taste. Our advice is to crush the garlic and mix the little pieces with some honey on a spoon. In that case, you can swallow the garlic in a quick way without tasting it.

Use garlic to prevent mosquito bites

Getting bitten by mosquitoes can cause an itching and painful area on the skin, which can feel very unpleasant. Tired of scratching all the time? Use garlic instead! Somehow mosquitos don’t like the scent of garlic and will stay away. How to use it? Slice the garlic in half and spread the garlic juice on some places of the skin. We can guarantee you that the problem will be solved!

Garlic will boost your immune system

Garlic is known for their healthy addition to boost your immune system and this means it can also reduce illness and colds during the winter. If you will use a garlic supplement for more than twelve weeks, the cold can be reduced with 60 procent. This is a very healthy way to say goodbye to the flu and cold. At Dakota Garlic we also offer garlic supplements, which are made by only using our own garlic from the farm! We are the main supplier of supplements in the office of Once in a few months, Dakota Garlic is visiting the headquarters in order to provide them with a new package of supplements.

Garlic will reduce hair loss

Studies has shown that using garlic can also prevent and reducing hair loss. Just cut a garlic in half and use one half to rub it in to the skin of your head. By doing this, you will make sure that the blood circulation will be activated, which is causing a stronger hair growth. Unfortunately this method is not for people who are suffering from genetic hair loss. If you experience hair loss which is caused by the lack of vitamins, blood circulation or other complications this method is very effective. Make sure to wash your hair after this treatment, since the smell of garlic can be very intense.

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