Welcome to Dakota Garlic

hardneck_drawing_smallWe grow hardneck garlic and sell it direct to you.  Hardnecks – Rocambole, Porcelain and Purple Stripe – are the closest descendents to wild garlic. They are considered superior garlic, but are generally not grown on commercial scale.  You won’t find these at the supermarket [or even most farmers markets].

The links on this page will either take you to our order page or to other pages showing you how to cook and grow your own garlic using our seed stock.softneck_drawing_small

PRODUCTS: The garlic we sell fall in three varieties as follows; Rocambole, Purple stripe, and Porcelain [continental].  Within these categories are the following strains; Montana Giant, Montana Roja, Mountain Rocambolekillarney, German Brown, Brown Tempest, Chesnok, Metachi, Romanian Red, and Music.   The strains are individually described and photographed.  We also have bulk garlic, garlic powder, braids, and peelers.  Click on the Order link to find pricing, current stock status, and to place an order with us. If you’re not sure about what variety you want to have, check out the Varietal information link for more about growing characteristics, bulb form and size differences, and taste.

ADVICE: We describe how to plant the seed [cloves] and how to harvest and store the bulbs, how to to skin [peel] the individual cloves within the bulbs, recipes on how to prepare roasted bulbs or grilled scapes [the spear or flower stalk that produces bulbils] or pickles, and reference material on festivals, garlic plant disease, and human health medicinal uses.  We would like to thank mrgreendirect online spelen bij oranje casino page  These are our main sponsor and we want to thank them for all the effort and help we are getting from them!